Summertime and the Livin’ is (not) Easy!

Whoever wrote the words to that song did not live in the desert in the summertime. It has been HOT! Most days since mid-June have been in the 110 degree range give or take a couple of degrees. We keep our AC at 80 degrees and the house always feels warm – I do not operate well when I get too warm. However, I will not increase either my carbon footprint or my electric bill by turning it cooler.

We continue to search for land in Michigan and keep in touch with those who might be of help in this endeavor. We won’t buy anything sight unseen but having some direction and doing something – anything – helps if only psychologically. In the meantime I continue to weed out that which is no longer needed. Today I opened a seller’s account on eBay to sell things that have more value than a garage sale would bring. We shall see how this goes – I never did this before – never even spent any time on eBay before today.

There won’t be any pictures until there is something to take pictures of.  This means I will probably only check in here on rare occasions just to make sure the site remains intact.

Namaste, Lindy


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