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A House Made of Stone

July 30, 2008

I don’t get over to this blog very often as nothing much is happening with this issue – not yet anyway.

However, a few days ago my husband came up with a book on building your own home with stone. He said he has always wanted to build with stone. I believe that he was, in a round-about way, telling me that if he is going to be the primary builder of our home in northern Michigan then he wants to build with stone.

Well, this took a few days of thought on my part as a house of either cob, earth bags, strawbale or a combination was part of my long time (years) plan. I do have to admit that a House of Earth could certainly include stone since stone is of the earth. I do like stone houses and there are quite a few of them in northern Michigan because there is a lot of stone in that part of the country. Michigan and the Great Lakes were formed during the Ice Age when the glaciers began to retreat and left behind tons and tons of stone.

A lovely stone house.

A lovely stone house.

This little stone cottage certainly does look charming, strong and secure. I also have to admit that with the exception of the trim – and that could be vinyl – no painting would ever be required. That’s certainly a nice thought. Perhaps the interior walls could be earth bags covered in plaster? This would give me my stab at building with earthbags and provide very nice insulation between rooms. It would also eliminate the need to use wood framing and wall board. I think I am talking myself into a compromise here that just might work and eliminate a nasty fight to boot:).  Now to get Doug to go along with this plan. I’ll have to take this slow and easy and just maybe . . . 😀

Yes, I realize I mentioned vinyl – not sustainable at all and loaded with toxins. There must be something that could be used that would be both sustainable and not require maintenance and upkeep over the years? I’ll have to research this.

Until next time . . .

Namaste, Lindy